Austin Happy Moment of the Day

So it’s been 5 days since I quit my job.  For close to a year, I had been working in a call center taking about 50-60 calls a day under a stressful situation.

Well, before I took on that Job, I had spent the previous 2 years coming as close to peaceful as I could.

It’s only been 5 days.. and I already feel back to “normal.”  Life feels so much brighter again, and I’m already experiencing beautiful moments.

Early this morning on my way to check out an auction, I saw my downstairs neighbors  walking on some train tracks in a wooded area, playing the guitar and singing.


amish guitar

Sorta.. but not really.


So adorable. Seriously. The guy wears an amish straw hat, with a busy beard.  Then his gf(a guess), wears cute quirky vintage flower dresses.  So you can imagine seeing those two strolling alongside a railroad track enjoying their day, was great!