Random People

Today, while at Walgreens, my cashier greeted me by doing the whole “how are you?” – me”great”, then the cashier fella goes, “that’s good, everyday is a blessing to be alive!, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself until I believe it” haha, we shared a chuckle, and exchanged happy banter about blessings, and talked a bit about my tattoo of an atom.

As it turned out I needed $20 cash for my new job, and it broken down, he was a bit hesitant but realized that the lady before me paid with a whole bunch of ones, so thanks to her he was able to accommodate my request. He Pointed out the perfecting time. 🙂

True, it’s nothing wild or a movie scene. But small moments like that make a day, a moment, a connection.

Mr. Walgreen’s guy, thank you! For inspiring me to treat each person I meet like a Long Lost Friend. And to be as genuine as possible about it!!



“The only appropriate way to treat today is with appreciation and joy!”