It’s been an interesting few weeks..

Life is just one constant reaction after another. A Domino effect reflected in our day to day experiences.

At the beginning of this week, several people felt the power of nature. Unfortunately, this was not Moore’s first experience with a tornado.

Life is so precious. Too precious to be doing anything but loving your life.

I’m thankful I had the opportunity to quit the j.o.b. and find a work from home position that I enjoy. Without this opportunity I wouldn’t have been able to have gone up to Oklahoma last week to take care of my mom.

It’s been over 4 years since I moved away from Oklahoma and being an only child, my mom has had a tough time without me. She’s always saying I need to take off some time and spend a week with her.

Well since I have this new gig, and she was going to have knee surgery, the dominos played out. I was able to spend last week, helping my mom around the house, making her food, etc. It was a great feeling knowing I could offer my time.

So Saturday night the storms started acting up. Our power went out shorty after watching tables and chairs spin around in the backyard. I used to not let tornado warnings bug me. But things are different now. I’m no longer depressed, and I love my life and cherish a lot more than I used to. So the point is, while the storms were acting crazy I was able to be there for my parents. Since we were all together without any power I decided to play an audiobook I have on my phone- “Power of positive thinking”.

It was a really peaceful- one of a kind moment.

My parents and I talked about positive thought after it finished and the lights came back on at the same time! More dominos..
I left the next day, and as most of you know, Monday a devastating tornado hit Moore Oklahoma.

I have an uncle who lives out there and luckily enough he’s Okay.

These things do get us thinking about the vulnerability of life.

I know I’m not alone. There’s something more to being on this planet than just eat sleep work. So many people wanna break free from that pattern. Why don’t they? Are they waiting for life to make the decision for them?? There’s no point in not living your life happily.

To wrap things up:
Yes, this self help experiment is worth it.



Sculpture Falls Hike at Barton Creek

Part 2 of Trail Adventure day.. that AllTrails app pointed us to a trail, that I had in passing wondered why there were always cars parked off the highway at this one spot… The trail we went to was Sculpture Falls Hike at Barton Creek (2201 Barton Springs Rd Austin, TX 78746)

This hike took about 4 hours round trip, mainly bc i’m obsessed with taking pictures. hah.. but was DEF worth it. the place we parked starts you out at the top of the tree filled valley

From there, there was tons of lovely wood stump details..

Finally, thanks to my partner, I was able to correct the white balance on my camera… and wow, did it make a difference on showing the lovely colors out that day 😀


Along with my happy joy fascination with stumps, I looooove finding “easter eggs” , example : this blue berry hanging out solo

or this independent sap

The way green and brown make beautiful visual love, is a wonderful find as well 🙂

There’s this trend I’ve noticed around Austin. And that is, people stacking rocks in random places:

On our way to the falls, we encountered this family, where the Dad was teaching his daughter how to climb up the cliff higher. haha. that’s something that would never have happened w/my family. I still fear climbing things, but hey. power to them and having faith in each other. 🙂

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We almost gave up on the trail before making it to the falls.. it was getting late, but luck have it, somebody passed us and he was able to give us the info that we were 5mins away from the Sculpture Falls. Thank you random guy, glad we didn’t turn around bc it def was worth it!!