Recently, I finished reading this book called Subliminal, by Leonard Mlodinow..

Subliminal, How your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior

Subliminal, How your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior

I’m still working on self improvement, and when I stumbled upon this book, I thought it would be a nice change of pace. Most “self-help” books are about communicating on a personal emotional level, this book is different on my journey because it talks on a broader scientific scale. Throughout the book there are tons of case studies (properly footnoted too!) that provide the revelations necessary to break down old paradigms and have a more conscious reaction to life.

A major theme in this book, is that the subconscious is there to help make our lives run smoother. It is not like the Freudian days, where subconsciousness was the place things were suppressed, but it is the place were we can automatically respond to stimuli.

I’d definitely recommend the book with just a fair warning that the author tends to write in long winded run on sentences. Granted, he’s got a great sense of humor, but it def isn’t a book to read out loud. haha

An excerpt from the chapter on self:

As the psychologist Jonathan Heidt put it, there are two ways to get at the truth: the way of the scientist and the way of the lawyer. Scientists gather evidence, look for regularities, form theories explaining their observations, and test them. Attorneys begin with a conclusion they want to convince others of and then seek evidence that supports it, while also attempting to discredit evidence that doesn’t. The human mind is designed to be both a scientist and an attorney, both a conscious seeker of objective truth and an unconscious, impassioned advocate for what we want to believe. Together these approaches vie to create our worldview.

After reading all the studies, examples, revelations, etc, it was really nice to see the author end on a note promoting a positive self image. Which, ties in with the self-help journey I’ve been on.

Mlodinow says, “In fact, studies show that the people with the most accurate self-perceptions tend to be moderately depressed, suffer from low self-esteem, or both. An overly positive self-evaluation, on the other hand is normal and healthy.”

Imagine that, fifty thousand years ago, anyone in their right mind looking toward the harsh winters of northern Europe would have crawled into a cave and given up. Women seeing their children die from rampant infections, men watching their women die in childbirth, human tribes suffering from drought, flood, and famine must have found it difficult to keep courageously marching forward. But with so many seemingly insurmountable barriers in life, nature provided us with the means to create an unrealistically rosy attitude about overcoming them–which helps us do precisely that.

And on that, remember, you rock.


Mama’s got a bag of her own..

It’s been a while. Yes indeed! And for good reason too!

Before catching you up with some tropical truth, a little bit of background on this song. Anna King was a back up singer for James Brown. After a while, she decided to come out with her own album, and with some help of James Brown, “Back to Soul” was born. This track Mama’s got a bag of her own is something we can all relate with.

Having things decided for you can be nice, but independence is better. In my own personal case, independence is A LOT better 🙂

A while back I decided to change my life around.

From the age of 7-23 ish, I was severely depressed. Depression seemed programmed in my soul. It seemed as inescapable as the need to breathe. It seemed to be the only way….

Between suicide attempts and self mutilation, my interactions with every day life were forced and fake. I tried so hard to not let my pain show.

Something I’ve learned in recent years is how important motives are. You could have the same out come on paper, but if the motives are off, so are the internalized results.

Example, You give a homeless person $20 bucks.

Motivation #1) You “see” their pain, you “feel” their pain, and you don’t want them to be rejected by yet another person at the light. So you give them a 20. Afterwards, you are left with that sad feeling, still thinking life isn’t fair, and maybe that you should’ve kept that 20…

Motivation #2) You are feeling good, you’re feeling generous, you know that there is some freedom behind not having a 9-5 or a mortgage, and you give them $20 because you think, hey, I bet they could enjoy some food, alcohol, or whatever.

This different process of thinking, is all self-made. Humans are capable of SO MUCH!! Just scan the internet, pay attention the next time you’re out and about, etc. I.E., there’s a guy without arms that drives to work, where he engineers cars. There’s people who pull out of destructive situations and totally rock it. Rags to riches style.

If you don’t know anyone who’s improved their own lives, then maybe you should meet new people. Seriously, they’re out there. Plus it’s great to surround yourself with positive happy people. Energies are contagious. True story. All those negative thoughts keeping you back, well they’re just echos of other people’s thoughts. You can go back and pin point them all, or you could just start from scratch and replace them with more happy productive thoughts. Either way, depression is draining, and ain’t nobody got time for that 😉

So, you may be wondering, what’s all this getting to…

Well, last March (2013) I quit my call center job, to pursue self-employment and autonomy. I was learning about real estate investing and saw a way to make it happen.

On the journey to close a real estate deal, I discovered this need for traveling notaries. As it turns out, people need notaries to come to them, and will pay a decent price. So, I started my DBA, Austin Mobile Notary Public

It’s worked out great, I get to set my own hours, sleep in some, take trips, and spend quality time with my lover 🙂


While all this was happening, I decided to put up a craigslist ad offering to teach anyone what I’ve learned about real estate investing. Then something awesome happened. One of the people who responded, used the techniques I shared and we went 50/50 on a transaction, and we each walked away with $5,000 in less than 30 days. It was so smooth, and a win-win for everyone involved!

I may not have stuck to my literal self help challenge, but I have tried to keep myself as on track as possible. It’s all about doing your best. And remember, as Miguel Ruiz points out in his book The Four Agreements, our best changes from day to day.

I wish everyone the peace and comfort of knowing how much power they have in their own lives.

Until another time.
Love life, and look for the tropical truth 😉

Laughter Yoga

This past Sunday was World Laughter Day! For a change on my personal self-help journey, I decided to dedicate this post to Laughter Yoga!

If you’re looking for a way to brighten your day, feel happier, and handle stressful situations better, then laughter yoga is your ticket!

Laughter yoga was founded in India by Dr. Madan Kataria. The major discovery of this practice is that fake laughter works just as well as real laughter in increasing your serotonin and dopamine levels. It’s a wonderful thing to try out and I highly recommend locating a certified laughter yoga instructor in your area.

So, if you’re wondering what it looks like, I made a mini video 😉

Until next time!

Good Mood

Good Mood

Mystery of Sex Transmutation

Chapter 10 from Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich is the Mystery of Sex Transmutation

What does that mean? Well.. I went with a video blog this week to address the topic.  It’s actually surprising that a book published in the 1930s would have a chapter dedicated to such a “taboo” topic.

Here’s a couple of quotes from this chapter:

..the scientific inventor, or “genius,” begins an invention by organizing and combining the known ideas or principles accumulated through experience, through the synthetic faculty (the reasoning faculty). If he finds this accumulated knowledge to be insufficient for the completion of his invention, he then draws upon the sources of knowledge available to him through his creative faculty. The method by which he does this varies with the individual, but this is the sum and substance of his procedure:
1. He stimulates his mind os that it vibrates on a higher-than-average plane, using one or more of the ten mind stimulants or some other stimulant of his choice.
2. He concentrates upon the known factors (the finished part) of his invention, and creates in his mind a perfect picture of unknown factors ( the unfinished part) of the invention. He holds this picture in mind until it has been taken over by the subconscious mind, then relaxes by clearing his mind of all through, and waits for his answer to “flash” into his mind.

-Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

Just for a handy written reference, the 10 things that can stimulate higher thought vibrations are:

    The desire for sex expression.
    A burning desire for fame, power, or financial gain.
    Friendship between either those of the same sex or those of the opposite sex.
    A Master Mind alliance based upon the harmony of two or more people who ally themselves for spiritual or temporal advancement.
    Narcotics and alcohol.

Major take-aways from this chapter would be ..


And now- personal self-help update:

The property I had under contract a while ago didn’t close. Meaning, the deal fell through. However! I was able to secure a part time- work from home job that pays me enough to cover my bills, and give me the time I need to devote to financial freedom and spiritual growth.

I came across a picture today that aligns with spiritual growth:



Something that I struggled a lot with at my last job, was knowing I was lying to people 😦 They had us tip toe around topics with customers, but in the end I knew the answer they wanted but couldn’t tell them. Yes, lots of people work in jobs that bend their morals, but it’s all made up.


It is simple to be happy, and that’s what my goal. The self-imposed need to be at a job I disagreed with was made up. So I quit. Was it worth it? OH YEAHHHH.

Until next time!
Love life 😉

Power of the Master Mind

Moving forward in this Self Help Challenge, this chapter is the 9th step to accumulating riches.

Rather than go into too much detail, I made a mini video. 🙂

Quote of the week from Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich

Poverty may, and generally does, voluntarily take the place of riches.  When riches take the place of poverty, the change is usually brought about through well-conceived and carefully executed PLANS.  Poverty needs no plan.  It needs no one to aid it, because it is bold and ruthless. Riches are shy and timid.  They have to be “attracted.”