The Art of Possibility

An Excerpt from the book, The Art of Possiblity by Zander and Zander

Often, the person in the group who articulates the possible is dismissed as a dreamer or as a Pollyanna persisting in a simplistic “glass half-full” kind of optimism. The naysayers pride themselves on their supposed realism. However, it is actually the people who see the glass as “half-empty” who are the ones wedded to a fiction, for “emptiness” and “lack,” like the “wall,” are abstractions of the mind, whereas “half-full” is a measure of the physical reality under discussion. The so-called optimist, then, is the only one attending to real things, the only one describing a substance that is actually in the glass.
The practice of being with ‘the way things are’ can break the unseen grip of abstractions created as a hedge against danger in a world of survival, and allow us to make conscious distinctions that takes us into the realm of possibility–dreams, for instance, and visions. Imagine if we were to faithfully whisper the immortal words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “I have a dream…”, as a preface to our every next remark. Speaking in possibility springs from the appreciation that what we say creates a reality; how we define things sets a framework for life to unfold.
A practice of this chapter and of the book as a whole is to distinguish between talk in the downward spiral and conversations for possibility. ..

Where are we speaking and living from?

It’s gonna be a glass half full kind of day

SO it’s been a while since I’ve updated…

Since my last post, I’ve gone on a 20+hr road trip to California for Coachella…

I’ve ended a temporary gig, and started at a new J>O>B>

A thing or two about positive thought….

1)have patience

2)have defined desires

3)stay open minded


Before I left on my trip, I got a call from a company I had applied to in December, and had taken a typing test in January… keep in mind they called me end of March.

Knowing a little bit about the gig, I knew it was a 24/7 center, aka potential overnight shift…

back to the positive thought list,
I called them back thinking

“sure it’s been a while since i applied, but an opportunity is always an opportunity. If they say its for their center that’s located down the block from me, if they pay more than my last gig in dallas, offer benefits, and have a good environment, i’ll take it”

and sure enough!! They offered me the job after a few knowledge tests, paying more that my last gig, and working at the location down the road from me… ON top of that! I got a shift w/weekends off, evenings (aka automatic 10% raise) and benefits.. oh and did i mention my boss is super nice and positive

The shift was an added bonus, b/c they did warn me that they schedule based on seniority and lots of people had been there years…. BUT I kept my mind positive and focused on my desire of weekends off and reasonable hours..


Another awesome thing, is perfect timing!!!

Life is 100% based on it! the more you believe! the more you’ll benefit from it 😉

—later life lovers!

Fast Food Wisdom

Be Optimistic

While coming back from this “Law of Attraction” Meeting group, we spotted our local change the line everyday happy fast food joint. Today: BE OPTIMISTIC

How grand!!!
So on a side note, there’s this site called Meetup .  The idea behind it is groups gather together with common interests and do stuff. like ACTUALLY do things. not like facebook with its “people for peace” etc, where you just post stuff all day… The awesome thing about MEETUP is that in a city like Austin,TX there are several groups ranging from “yoga in a park” “urban sketchers(people who draw in public)”, “wine enthusiasts” , to “CO-Creaters” and so on.

So for about a month now, on our free sundays, we meet up with other people who are into Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction. We talk about our experiences, encourage each other, and come up with helpful tips on how to attract good things to your life.

The sign above.

Be Optimistic 😉