The 8th step towards Riches

-According to Napoleon Hill in Think & Grow Rich

On this self help journey, this step is CRUCIAL.  I decided this week to make a mini video update.  Along with that update here’s a list to help check your persistence!

Persistence is a state of mind, therefore it can be cultivated.  Like all states of mind, persistence is based upon definite causes, among them these:

  • Definiteness of purpose. Knowing what one wants in the first and perhaps the most important step toward the development of persistence.  A strong motive forces one to surmount many difficulties.
  • Desire.  It is comparatively easy to acquire and to maintain persistence in pursuing the object of intense desire.
  • Self-reliance.  Belief in one’s ability to carry out a plan encourages one to follow the plan through with persistence.  (Self-reliance can be developed through the principle described in the chapter on autosuggestion.)
  • Definiteness of plans.  Organized plans, even though they may be weak and entirely impractical, encourage persistence.
  • Accurate knowledge.  Knowing that one’s plans are sound, based upon experience or observation, encourages persistence; “guessing” instead of “knowing” destroys persistence.
  • Cooperation. Sympathy ,understanding, and harmonious cooperation with others tend to develop persistence.
  • Willpower. The habit of concentrating one’s thoughts upon the building of plans for the attainment of a definite purpose leads to persistence.
  • Habit. Persistence is the direct result of habit. The mind absorbs and becomes a part of the daily experiences upon which it feeds.  Fear, the worse of all enemies, can be effectively cured by forced repetition of acts of courage.  Everyone who has seen active service in war knows this.

Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


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