I’m still keeping up with the check list of self help success provided by Napoleon Hill in Think & Grow Rich.  It’s a great feeling to hold yourself accountable.  Will power is just like anything else we do in our lives. We need to practice it, foster its growth, and take time to reflect upon it.

In chapter 6 of Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is about IMAGINATION.



He calls imagination, “the workshop of the mind.”  That, “Man’s only limitation,within reason, lies in his development and use of his imagination.”

Napoleon Hill divides imagination into two categories: Synthetic Imagination, and Creative Imagination.  The first is where you create something from existing ideas.  The latter, is more about intuition and out of nowhere inspiration.

What’s really fun about this chapter, is reading about Hill’s thoughts about inter-connectivity, energy, and the universe.  For a book written in 1937, these are some pretty “new age” thoughts.

The takeaway from this chapter is to stay open, imagine in your mind your future situation, and listen to the ques on how to make that happen.

Until next chapter



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