Fast Food Wisdom

Be Optimistic

While coming back from this “Law of Attraction” Meeting group, we spotted our local change the line everyday happy fast food joint. Today: BE OPTIMISTIC

How grand!!!
So on a side note, there’s this site called Meetup .  The idea behind it is groups gather together with common interests and do stuff. like ACTUALLY do things. not like facebook with its “people for peace” etc, where you just post stuff all day… The awesome thing about MEETUP is that in a city like Austin,TX there are several groups ranging from “yoga in a park” “urban sketchers(people who draw in public)”, “wine enthusiasts” , to “CO-Creaters” and so on.

So for about a month now, on our free sundays, we meet up with other people who are into Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction. We talk about our experiences, encourage each other, and come up with helpful tips on how to attract good things to your life.

The sign above.

Be Optimistic 😉



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