The Whole

Shake your Fist!!!!

Feel how it vibrates “the whole”


Kiss your lover,

Feel how it vibrates their soul.


–“The whole”= Universe without time constraints, it’s the present secondsecondsecondsecond. The sticky glue that holds everything/everyone together, the whole.


(excerpt from journal writings)

When I move this pen, it stirs the air that is holding the pen.  “The whole” cradels being in a pool you move toward a leaf and the water around you parts, moves the other direction, we displace space when we act.  Every day we are acting upon the environment/the universe/the whole…

So instead of acting upon the Whole..we should go with the flow.

Let it cradel us like the air cradels this pen, like how gravity cradels our bodies, like how everything naturally ebbs/flows with or without us(our egos, or our minds)…



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