Cathedral of Junk

SO, recently I’ve moved to AUSTIN,TX ! If you’ve never been here, you should, the energy in the air is refreshing and encouraging. One of the main slogans of the city is, “Keep Austin Weird!”  and by slogan, I mean, truth. Almost anywhere you go, you’ll encounter something “weird” but the good kind, the kind that makes you giggle to yourself and wish you had a camera or someone else with you to witness the oddity.

As for the Cathedral of Junk, I actually went prepared with said camera, and was able to snap some shots of this local spot.


The awesome thing about this place, is how RANDOM it is.  The neighborhood is quiet, and you could easily drive past it without knowing. The dude who built this “tree-house” styled cathedral, is Vince Hannemann.  Apparently he started making this in his backyard back in 1988 , just because it was kinda cool.

We showed up on a weds afternoon and Vince welcomed us in, who btw is a very chill type of guy.  Immediately you’ll notice a “Welcome to Fabulous Trash-Vegas” sign.

It’s equipped with sharpies so that you can make your mark along with all the other random cathedral “worshipers”

The best part about COJ, is that you could come several times and always find something new.

Vince not only collects “junk” but in a way organizes them either according to color, function, or shape.

The structure has 3 levels, the 3rd is advertised for only the brave. I must say, I went up there with a bit of hesitation, but the coming down part was waaaaay more intimidating.  BUT, due to city issues, the COJ passed inspection along with the help of some engineers and lawyers. Which def helps when you make your way up the cement tires and street signs to the top. 😉

Overall, this wacky place is fun, free(donations accepted), and def an example of someone’s version of “tropical truth” on this planet.


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